For each member in the Portal ToolKit, a folder is created in the folder
'Members', i.e:

I've created a ZClass called Customize that has several properties, and
I've added an instance of Customize (and called each instance Customize)
in each member's folder. i.e.:

What I need is a way to access the value of these properties for any
given member that is logged in at the moment. In other words, I can do
<dtml-var "_.getattr(Members.member1.Customize, 'some_property')">

and get the value that I need for member1. I want the equivalent of
replacing 'member1' with AUTHENTICATED_USER.getName()...I tried
substuting it in and building a string with it, but that causes  getattr
to complain about strings not having the needed property.

Any ideas on how to make this work, or ideas on how to do it a similar
(or even completely different) way?

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