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At 15:20 07.08.2000 +0000, Meeting Maker Webmaster wrote:
>I am trying to get the user authenticated based on his IP address to allow
>everybody on the subnet we are here to access the Zope server, but not
>other IPs. This works fine except it is really slow (about 5 seconds to go
>to an object to start downloading). I've tried it on a clean Win2k box to
>check if I had a problem with my configuration, but it didn't change

OK, so let's answer my own email in case somebody comes into the same 
problem one day.

I changed my configuration to use IIS instead of Medusa of the front end. 
Since then, everything is fine. Now instead of using my.server.com:8080/ , 
I simply use my.server.com/zope.cgi/. I simply followed the excellent 
How-to available under http://www.zope.org/Members/brianh/iis_howto. I only 
had a few problems for the authentication. To be able to use Zope for the 
authentication, make sure you allow Anonymous login and that you set all 
the "Custom Errors" of IIS to default. Else you won't be able to log into 
Zope management screen for example ;-)

>As I am with the Win2000 questions, is there a way to configure IIS to
>behave like Apache an the rewrite rules?

This is still an open question.

By the way, a very interesting site about IIS configuration is 
http://www.iisfaq.com ;-)

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