It's my understanding that this can only be done
in python in the Products subfolder.

I did something like this with David Murray's help
for a BannerProduct.  I modified an existing
python-based banner class and added two "maps" to
each banner object called 'history_views' and
'history_clicks' indexed by a date.

Here's part of code I'm using:

in /Products/ file:

__doc__="""Ban Ad Classes"""

from Globals import HTMLFile
from Globals import MessageDialog
from Globals import Persistent
from OFS.Image import Image
#import OFS.Image
import OFS.ObjectManager
import Acquisition                # Various
acquisition types.
import AccessControl.Role         # Zope Security
import string

class Ban:
" A Ban Ad Class"

meta_type="Banner Base Class"

self.history_clicks = {}
self.history_views = {}

def __setstate__(self,state):

if not hasattr(self,'history_views'):
self.history_views = {}
if not hasattr(self,'history_clicks'):
self.history_clicks= {}

later in the code the history_views map is updated
when a banner ad is viewed:

if self.history_views.has_key(keydate):
self.history_views[keydate] =

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