peter be wrote:
> I have a rather simple setup. And all I want to do is to show some news content, but 
>with the way I'm doing it, the HTML is not parsed.
> /root
> index_html
> view_each_news_html
>     /news
>     news_001 (MS ruined!)                # a DTML Document
>     news_002 (Peter on killin spree)     # a DTML Document
>     ...                                                    # lots of DTML Documents
> Index_html lists all available news and that works fine. All I do is that I list the 
>documents' title together with their bobobase_modification_time.
> Each news item is linked as <a 
>href="/news_folder/view_each_news_html?newsID=<dtml-var id>"><dtml-var title></a>

why use getitem wouldn't an objectItems be more what you want.

from root in index_html

<dtml-in "news.objectItems(['DTML Document']">
<dtml-with sequence-item>
<a href="<dtml-var absolute_url>"><dtml-var title></a>
<dtml-var bobobase_modification_time>


getitem takes an optional arg. on whether it should call the item or
just get a reference

try _.getitem(item, 1)

check the Zope Quick Reference for more info


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