Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Nicholas Lo writes:
>  > ... database modification seen inside but not outside of process ...
> Obviously, the database modifications have not been commited.
> Auto-Commit in Zope is coupled to *one* thread serving the
> request:
>   It works by registering with the "transaction" associated
>   with the current thread. At the end of a request
>   the transaction of the current thread is commited
>   (or aborted, if an error occured).
>   If registration is done in a different thread,
>   the actions are not commited/aborted at the end
>   of the request.
> Why do you want to make your life more difficult by
> splitting a Zope thread into several?
> Dieter

oic ...
so, is there anyway to make database routines run in separate threads?
In fact, I'm trying to use ZOPE to do some automation, eg. reminder
emails, news clipping, or maybe some WAP applications as well. I want to
make it able to schedule itselfs so as to better utilise resources, make
ZOPE more or less real-time, and to prevent overloading or spam from the
content source. Well, since ZOPE runs from source, I think we may extend
it to do some remote control works as well. eg. redirect your fax at
home to your email account, allow you to listen to your home voice
mails, etc.

anyway, thanks

Nicholas Lo

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