Hello Sir,
I want to know does zope supports '.pfr' file for display (for dynamic font display)...
As i have to create a website for indian languages that will display its contains using dynamic fonts..
My old site is www.cse.iitk.ac.in/users/geeta (u can see it to understand my problem) that has been built using a flat file system + needs fonts to be installed on client's machine for working, and now i want to redesign it using zope + keeping the files in a database (zope database/oracle) + dont want the fonts to be downloaded at client side...
Here i have to display same data in say 11 languages and if we'll use dynamic fonts we'll have to have only one data in our database and if we'll not use dynamic font than we'll have to store same data in 11 languages in our database and than its size will be too large..
So, Kindly suggest me  a solution..
Thanking you,
Anvita Bajpai,
Research Engineer,
IIT Kanpur - India.

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