> I upgraded my 3.x version of Squishdot to 4.1  I followed all the instructions,
> but when I got to the part where you "push this button once" after the
> upgrade to 4, I got an error (so of cource I pushed it many times and now
> get the message that: Error Type: Index Exists Error Value: The
> index specified already exists).  I hate to say it but I did not right the
> original error down.  Maybe it was the same I was I get now...I don't know.

Seems to be working now, try to go to the 'Cataloged Objects' tab in
your Squishdot object. If all the postings it your site show up,
everything should be okay.

> Anyway, now I am having problems.  I have not had a single post to the
> page (it seems like since my upgrade...but cannot be sure).  I have added
> test articles with no problem but nothing new by others.

I just added a comment ;-)

> Here is a hard fact illustrating part of my current problem:  When I set the
> options to show 25 maximum posts on main page I get 8 displayed.
> When I set it to show 50, I get 16.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

The max posts thing is complex and convoluted (read, I didn't write it

AFAIK, item_list(used on the main page) returns the following:

     - all the articles (not only those from the current day), if 
       their number is less than a third of self.max_itemlist

     - A number of articles equal to a third of self.max_itemlist, even 
       if some came from yesterday

     - or, a list of articles from the specified date, limited to at 
       most self.max_itemlist articles.

Nice, huh?!



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