Petr Knapek wrote:
> When I put the code below
> <dtml-let myTest="_['Control_Panel']['Products']['TestProduct']['TestClass']">
>  <dtml-var "">
> </dtml-let>
> I can see this error:
> Error Type: AttributeError
> Error Value: __call__

This is 'cos the implementation of _[] is really broken IMHO as it
behaves differently to normal python! _[] will call the returned object
if it can. In this case, it looks like it's getting it wrong and trying
to call something which isn't :(

IIRC, you should be adding your product with something like:

<dtml-with "manage_addProduct['MyTest']">
 <dtml-call "manage_addMyTest('your','params','here')">

> Can anybody help me how to call create instances of ZClasses
> programatically only in the name-space (not in ZODB) and call their
> functions?

Non-persistent creation of ZClass objects, sorry, don't know how to do
that :(



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