It sounds like your load may not be very small.

Your -t25 setting to threads does not help too much, because the number
of database connections is hard-limited to 7 in the ZODB source.

It might help to visit the debug section of the control_panel to get an
understanding of how many threads are actually being used at any given
moment.  If you find that all 7 threads are being continually used
simultaneously, and your box can handle more threads (e.g. it's not CPU-
or RAM-bound already), we can probably figure out how to bump you up to
more database connection threads per client by changing the source.
This should really be a knob somewhere.

There is also a profiling facility inside Control_Panel/debug that does
some sort of automated performance compilation for you, though I've
never had a reason to use it.  When it's running, it also purportedly
slows Zope down quite a bit.

Or, of course, you could always throw in another ZEO client if you're
getting hit too hard to handle the load.

I suggest that you:

1) Monitor your Zope clients' thread usages by using their debug
2) Monitor your Zope clients' general CPU and memory usages via vmstat
or top or what-have you.

Then report back your findings and we'll see if we can spot a

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> Subject: [Zope] zope2.2.0 and what is high load
> oo zopistas
> i have a question.
> being a small time site maintainer, i don't quite know how to 
> classify the
> situation i'm having now.
> the site is front ended with apache, with mod_pcgi2.  zope 
> 2.2.0 (running
> with -t 25) and  rh 6.2
> how can i know that the load i'm having is a big load?  i've 
> been getting
> more than 200 simultaneos connections(ps ax|grep http|wc -l) 
> and that affect
> the response time.
> if the connection is less than 150, then zope's response time 
> is great.
> my Q:  what do you BIG SITE admin have?  do you encounter 
> slow down?  i need
> some sort of verification that more than 200 simultaneous 
> connect is really
> a big load.  i hope not to have to resort to other costly and 
> proprietery
> solutions just because of my ignorance.
> i know table design does affect loading time, and that will 
> be tackled.
> cache is an option that i've looked at but have to disregard 
> for now since i
> can't get ie to behave.  i know of the how to and will be 
> looking at it.
> i've scaled the site (was once more than 400 connections at 
> one time) with
> ZEO to two servers.
> i now hope to have insights from yu BIG SITE admins
> looking forward to your input, help, and pointers.  i'll try 
> and document
> every thing and put a howto.
> thanks
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