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>John Morton writes:
> > I'd like to split the output of a ZSQL query across different instances of
> > a page in the same fashion as zope.org does with ZCatalog output, but I
> > can't for the life of me find any documentation on how it's done. Does
> > anyone know the magic incarntations or where the documents are?
> Look at the "in" tag's batching features.

Or for something with a gentler learning curve:


Go there and read the section on "Creating Search Interfaces."  Zope will magically create a search query form and a table-formatted batching output method on the back end, based on an SQL Query method of your own design.  So read that, do that, and then look at the methods it creates.  I found it very useful in getting up to speed on how to roll my own batching DTML methods.


PS - (OT rant warning) I have set everywhere I know of to tell %^#$@! Outlook 2k to send PLAIN TEXT, but it's apparently WAY TO SMART to simply let me do ASCII and leave me be.  If you have a solution (especially if it involves high explosives), I'm all ears.  I don't hafta put up with this kinda crap from my *nix boxes.  (Mutter grumble...)  If I could get an Exchange(r)(tm)(c2000) client running on my Linus W/S, this thing would be history sooo fast.  What a waste of a Pentium3 box...  (I feel a little better now, thanks.)

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