A week's worth of hacking to present NewsCenter.

I'll bump of the version numbers once I get a few more features and
get some feedback from the community regarding any fixes and pretty up
the interface. Its stable for me and works well. Thanks to Amos and
Shane of DC for contributing (RSSChannel, XMLDocument) and (BTreeFolder)
respectively without which I wouldn't have been inspired to make this

location: http://www.zope.org/Members/k_vertigo/ZopeProducts/NewsCenter

>From The Readme

NewsCenter is a Zope/XML application that aims to be a resouce for Zope
sites to allow their users access to the latest headlines from around
the world on many different topics. It would like to bring order to this
mass of information by making it searchable and displayed in a format
that is easy to navigate and also allow users to have email syndication
of channels that they are interested in. NewsCenter's news acquisition
is based on the import of aggregate channel listings in a variety of xml
formats. NewsCenter was designed for site managers to individually
publish channels contained within a channel list. Furthermore because 
of performance considerations when importing a large number of channels
or a large channel list it has options for the xml files to be loaded
from the file system as opposed to the default settings which obtains
them directly from the web.
<b>Current Status:</b>
- NewsCenter supports aggregate channel lists in the ocs format.
- NewsCenter supports channels in the RSS.91 format
- i've imported over 750 channels using ocs files from 

        http://www.xmltree.org (1.1M)
        http://www.moreover.com (768K)

Btw. next on the todo list is add
ZCatalog searches
meerkat channels (http://www.oreillynet.com/meerkat)

REQUIRES- Zope-2.2, BTreeFolder, XMLDocument, PyXML Package(sourceforge)


INSTALL- untar in your zope directory 

LICENSE-  LGPL for everythin except for the dcRSSChannel(dublin core)
which is ZPL'd

please email me any feature request, comments, bugs, patches, yahtzee:)



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