Darran Edmundson wrote:
> I'm almost at my wit's end (again).
> I have several very simple ZClasses (*none* of which
> are subclassed from CatalogAware).  The "Basic" tab
> shows them all to be subclassed from "ZObject,
> ZObjectManager".  Recently I posted asking how to
> implement copy/paste programatically.  It turns out
> this was somewhat premature - I can't even get this
> to work via the management interface, all of my
> ZClass instances reporting that "object X doesn't
> support this operation".  One of my ZClasses doesn't
> even allow renaming, throwing the same error as above.
> In all other respects the classes work as expected.

Does the traceback mention CatalogAware? i have the same problem. I have ZClass 
objects that are _not_ in any way,
shape, or form associated w/CatalogAware, and they are unrenameable, and complain in 
the traceback about CatalogAware

I tried an object inheriting from DataSkin, and a plain-jane one. Nada.

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