On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Chris McDonough wrote:
> > i went to each Zeo client control_panel, and see that there's
> > a mzximum of
> > four connections open at any given time.
comments to the above.  i saw only four threads because i started that 
particular box with the default.  on the box with -t25, i see 7 open 
connections at any given time.  sorry, my mistake.

> That's about it for your problem.  Maybe the profiling stuff can give
> more info, I'm not sure.
i'll try and read more about that profiling.  but not knowing what it does 
really scares me :)

> It shows that four threads have database connections.  I'm curious as to
> why you're only seeing four threads being served by database connections
> too.
as mentioned above,  my bad.  right after i sent the prev mail, i went to the 
other box with -t25, and it does have 7 open connections.

> You may want to ramp your number of threads down to 5 (-t5).  25 doesn't
> do much for you because only 7 threads can be using database connections
> at any given time.  The high number of threads you're servicing might
> actually be slowing things down as they contend for available database
> connections.
will do.  and hope to see that it does something.

> Why are you frontending this with apache?  how are you servicing two ZEO
> clients via a single apache?  Does it do some sort of round-robining?
> Or does each box have its own apache? 
each box has its own apache.  i'm round robining (straight dns round robin).  
ZEO is also a concern here because i'm using it blindly, unfortunately.  but 
it works great if i got less than 150 simultaneous connections.  and this 
symptom i saw prevuiously, even without ZEO.

 Is there any reason you're not
> just using straight ZServer?  I'm wondering if apache processes
> contending to talk to available Zope python threads might be slowing
> stuff down?

we need to serve some othe things from apache, that can't be done thru 
ZServer alone (a little php stuff)

> It doesn't seem as if bumping your number of database connections will
> do us any good here, because it doesn't seem you're using all 7.  I'm
> not sure *why* you're not using all 7, because you've got at least 15
> processes waiting around just on your top screen for DB connections.

i did some grepping and saw the magical number 7 in ZODB/DB.py.  is that the 
number to turn up if i wanted to try increasing the db pool connection?  i do 
have postgresql with ZPygreSQL.  will that have anything to do with what i'm 

> Maybe manage_debug isn't telling you the whole story, or maybe you
> caught it at a low-load period.  I wonder if the profiling stuff would
> help here.
> Maybe someone else can jump in here, this is all I can think of at the
> moment.

thanks for sparing some time helping me out.

i love zope, and open source in general, and i can't bear having to switch to 
using something i don't really like. 

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