I am creating a program, yet again.  How this works is, 

a zope factory calls a form, which submits data from a <textarea> to a DTML document.  
I want this DTML document to take the data from the form and display it on multiple 
lines. For instance: 

If a person fills out the textarea like so:

First line
second line
third line

I want the DTML document to print out: 

First line
second line
third line

The only problem is, when the <textarea> submits to the document, (lets say the 
textarea is called list), it submits it as a dictionary.  That means all the data is 
on a SINGLE STRING.  So the data from the form looks like this. 

<dtml-var "REQUEST.form"> = 
{'list': 'first line/015/012second line/015/012third line'}

the /015/012 represent the line breaks.  

Seeing this, i used the replace function in zope, trying to replace the line breaks 
with <br>, which would be accepted by html.  however, whenever you try and access the 
information in the form as a string...

<dtml-var "REQUEST.form['list']"> 

it comes out with 

line one line two line three 

All the line breaks dissapear! So there is nothing to replace! Does anyone have any 
ideas how I could solve this problem?  


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