On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, David Trudgett wrote:
> At 2000-08-15 10:18 +0200, "Frank Tegtmeyer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >The current format is Hotfix_08_09_2000, my proposed format is
> >  Hotfix_2000-08-09.
> >This is the ISO 8601 format (abbreviated form).
> >
> >Reasoning:
> >
> >First of all Zope is a product of a north american company but is used
> >worldwide. Not all countries use the american form of dates, so it would
> >be nice to have a standardized one (in my opinion this applies also to the
> >standard date functions in Zope).
> >
> >The reasons for establishing ISO 8601 apply here as well:
> >- ordering of month and day are different in Europe and America,
> >   this leads to difficulties interpreting date values
> >- ISO dates are sortable by string functions
> >- ISO dates are easy to parse by humans AND programs
> >
> >Opinions?
> I agree. If everyone standardised on ISO 8601 in written date and time
> formats, the world would be a saner place. Writing MM-DD-YY(YY) is just
> silly in my opinion, no matter how you like to say it out loud. It may have
> been acceptable in times past (like when the Internet was not nearly
> globally ubiquitous), but these days it's just an anachronism (as is
> DD-MM-YY, because it is easily mistaken for MM-DD-YY). Likewise for 12 hour

We had a similar discussion here at work, and simply put "Largest to 
smallest" makes the most sense. YYYY / MM / DD / HH : MM : SS

> time. There's only one 14:00 in the day, and that's the way I like it! ;-)

So, when are you joining me in working in UTC?  I mean, really.  We deal with 
people globally on a daily basis.  Why bother with all this timezone nonsens? 
 So I get up and out of bed at 2100, get to work at a fresh and early 2300, 
have lunch when the sun is high at 0200, and finally make it home, on an 
early day, for dinner at 0900. (o8

> David Trudgett
Confuses people when they ask you for the time, tho. (o8

Have a better one,
        Curtis Maloney

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