Hello, I recently created a product which adds a folder, with multiple dtmldocuments 
inside of it, effectivly creating a site immedatly.  However, even though I can add 
folders and documents easiliy, I can't seem to create properties! 
    It keeps giving me the Attribute error: aq_base.  
Here is the code for the function that does the work: 

def manage_addMemberSite(self, id, title='',REQUEST=None):
    """Add a MemberSite folder."""

    except: user=None
    folder = MemberSite(id, title)
    # _setObject must be the Zope hook that actually stores this instance in
    # the ZODB
    self._setObject(id, folder)

    folder.manage_addFolder(id='Images', title='')
    folder.manage_addDTMLDocument(id='index_html', title='', file=index_body)
    folder.manage_addDTMLDocument(id='navbar', title='', file=navbar_html)
    folder.manage_addDTMLDocument(id='content', title='enter page content here', 

    folder.manage_addProperty(id='nav_color', value='#483D8B', type='string')
    folder.manage_addProperty(id='content_color', value='#F0E68C', type='string')
    folder.manage_addProperty(id='background_color', value='#FFFFFF', type='string')
    if REQUEST:
        return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST, update_menu=1)

The folder.manage_addProperty(id etc etc) does not work.  I have been looking all 
over, have looked to where the error seems to stem from, (the valid_property_id 
function in the PropertyManager.py) but I can't seem to find out whats wrong.  Does 
anyone have any ideas?

Please respond ASAP.  

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