first: consider changing to the 'new' dtml syntax

>- I have a folder in my zope tree called spam. 
>- spam has one document called "foo"
>- spam has a property called "eggs" which is set to "green"
>foo looks like this:
>  hello
>  <p><!--#var eggs --> ( &dtml-eggs; )
>I want to be able to change the value of eggs to, say, "blue" like so:
>  <!--#if someCondition -->
>  <!--#call "MythicalChangePropertyFunction(eggs, 'blue')" -->


<dtml-call "manage_changeProperties('eggs', 'blue')">

>  <!--#endif -->
>  <p>eggs is now <b><!--#var eggs --></b>
>how do I do this?
>I am running Zope 2.1.6 under debian linux.

this is platform independent



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