Hello all,

  I'm new to Zope - extreme apologies if this question has already
  been answered, but I'm simply at wits end here...

  Linux 2.2.14 
  Python 1.5.2 
  Zope 2.2.0 from source wo_pcgi 

  I simply cannot for the life of me log in as non-superuser.
  I've installed and unininstalled and re-installed... and read,
  and re-read the docs but to no avail - I even went so far
  as to try from scratch on a wholy different computer all
  together and was met with the exact same issue.

  After spending plenty of time in the archives for the list
  and at the zope site's howto's I still have been unsuccessfull
  in gleaning any help. I must have missed something very simple
  along the way somewhere.

Here, in step by step order, is what I've been doing:

log in as superuser
access the manage page
traverse into the /acl_users folder
add a new user
correctly set and verify the password
attach Manager and Owner roles to user
submit the Change button
restart Zope
clear netscape cache
close netscape
restart netscape
point browser to zope page
attempt to login with new user into Manage page...
*allways* fail *everytime* with an 'Authorizatin failed' msg


  What is my feeble little mind not catching onto here? I've
  ran z2.py with the -D flag and logging, and went through
  the same steps but nothing at all in these logs provides
  me with anything remotely usefull...

  I've ran Zope as both root and nobody, with no change.
  This is very frustrating, I've been at it for most of the 
  night now.  I sure could use a clue...



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