Hi all

I'm trying out jcNTUserFolder-0.0.7.zip now. It's looking great,
but it looks like I've run across some gotchas. 

1. I copied the entire installation from one computer to another::

    > robocopy \\corpcomms\ZopeCorpComms \\jean\programs\ZopeCorpComms /MIR

   (which under W2K does an exact mirror of the whole thing). Now 
   starting it (using 'start.bat') and attempting to authenticate gets me:: 


        Sorry, a Zope error occurred.

        Traceback (innermost last):
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line
214, in publish_module
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line
179, in publish
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\Zope\__init__.py, line 202, in
            (Object: ApplicationDefaultPermissions)
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line
151, in publish
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\ZPublisher\BaseRequest.py, line
428, in traverse
        File C:\PROGRA~1\ZOPECO~1\lib\python\ZPublisher\BaseRequest.py, line
504, in old_validation
            (Object: broken)
        AttributeError: __getitem__

   Would this have anything to do with jcNTUserFolder? It worked fine

2. I don't understand how sub-NTUserFolders work. The following text (that
   get when adding an NTUserFolder in a subfolder) doesn't enlighten me.
   does "undesirable (although possible)" mean?

        Default behavior is to acquire user settings from higher user
        note: this setting helps with nesting NT User folders.
        It interferes with local roles. If you plan to use local roles, you
        should uncheck this box.
        It is then undesirable (although possible) to have nested NT User

   What puzzles me is this: in the root I have a user 'zopeman' with Manager
   rights. When I create an NTUserFolder in '/docs', zopeman doesn't have
   rights to access it. Neither does the superuser. ??

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