Much of the aim of the "Product Developer's Guide" (see is to address the
issues you bring up.  It's been slow going, although I almost have the
security chapter completed.  Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to
release that chapter.

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> great plan.
> redundant no... desparetely needed? yes:)
> my thoughts...
> i've often felt thought that dc and zope cater a bit too much to the
> newbie crowd in the sense that the documentation is built around on
> touching upon a working knowledge of acquisition and the majority
> focuses on dtml. i often felt the need (and perhaps i'll scratch the
> itch) for a zope book for python developers. python is easy to learn,
> there is no reason zope can't be if it were approached as a collection
> of python frameworks. zodb (acqusition, persistence, zcatalog),
> medusa(asyncore+orb), document template, security.
> many of the components of zope are very suitable for reuse outside of
> zope to a python programmer if the pieces were understood as separate
> entities and explained how they worked in synergy to make zope work, i
> think there would be many more developers and products for zope.
> as is, you learn piecemeal unless you have the stomach and the time to
> go through all the source code. i've learned a bit (still learning)
> mainly from the source, but i think most developers are 
> forced to learn
> through trial and error because the docs don't do the 
> components justice
> since they tend to focus on working understanding of zope's framework
> from dtml. and in the end they are forced to turn to the source which
> can be confusing without knowing the parts of the framework from a
> fundamental not a working perspective.
> comments?
> Kapil
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