There is room for both books. Zope is a powerful and very deep products. The
majority of users are unlikely to go into a great deal of python, most are
going to use the dtml and other basic functionality. If Zope is going to
increase its market then this sort of book is essential to make Zope
accessible. Can I help at all?

But a book covering the internals will be useful. One of my gripes about the
documentation is how spread out and hard to find it is there's Wiki's here,
presentations there... I've often searched and come up blank, when
people on the mailing list can point it to me in 2 mins. But searching is another matter entirely :)

my 2 cents.

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> Fra: Kapil Thangavelu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> >I think most developers are forced to learn
> >through trial and error because the docs don't do the components justice
> >since they tend to focus on working understanding of zope's framework
> >from dtml. and in the end they are forced to turn to the source which
> >can be confusing without knowing the parts of the framework from a
> >fundamental not a working perspective.
> >comments?
> 2 right you are. We need more info about Zope from a Python programmers
> Setting pages up in dtml is not that interresting from my point of view.
> We need more detailed documentation on all the seperate modules, and far
> more/better on making products.
> dtml is not for programming and business logic, only for presentation.
> Max M
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