Title: problem using SiteAcces

I want to host several sites with my Zope and Apache. To do this I followed the instructions created by anser (http://www.zope.org/Members/anser/apache_zserver). Everything seems to work except one thing: the path in the main section of the management screens of Zope.

I want to host the site http://www.seugling.nl using apache. I want to add a Zope area at http://www.seugling.nl/z.

This is my virtual host configuration of Apache:

ServerName www.seugling.nl
DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html/seugling

ProxyPass /z  http://www.seugling.nl:8080/seugling
ProxyPassReverse /z  http://www.seugling.nl:8080/seugling

ProxyPass /misc_ http://www.seugling.nl:8080/misc_
ProxyPass /p_ http://www.seugling.nl:8080/p_

I add a folder in the root of my Zope called 'seugling'. I want this to be the root folder of http://www.seugling.nl/z. So I add a SiteRoot object in to it with the following configuration:

Title (empty)
Base http://www.seugling.nl/z
Path /

When I add a folder into the root folder at this site: seugling/test, and I click at 'seugling' in the folder path in the main section of the management screen (Folder at /seugling / test) the server want to go to the url: http://www.seugling.nl/seugling/manage_workspace... which doesn't excist.

Can anyone help me with this problem, I must do something wrong?


Wouter van Hilst

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