I've just setup a test Zope installation. So far, very impressive.

I'm using a Postgresql database containing a network hierarchy (basically, a
table with a "network" column, and a "parentnet" column). I'm trying to
display this with a tree view, using the following DTML:

<dtml-let network="0/0">
<dtml-tree id=network branches_expr="network_children(parentnet=network)">
 <b><dtml-var network></b> <dtml-var descr>

Where the network "0/0" is the pseudo-parent of every other network. The
problem is, python (or DTML, I don't know) interprets this as a divide by
zero, and it fails. The other alternative "" also fails:

Expression (Python) Syntax error: 
invalid syntax

, for tag <dtml-let network="">, on line 15 of test_html

(I'm doing all this through the web management interface). I'm not familiar
with Python (yet - the book is on it's way) but in the command-line
interpreter, this works fine:

>>> ""
>>> "0/0"

I need to cast the value to dtml-let to a string. How? I know how to do this
in Perl/C/Java/Pascal, but it's not obvious to me why this isn't working.

Yours, dumbly....


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