You know, I've seen that problem before on sites like Microsoft and E-Trade.
The page will be really slow to load, and I will only get part of the HTML
source.  But it affects images, too, so my guess is it's a web server
problem rather than an application server problem.  Anyone else have any

- T.J.

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I experienced the same weird intermittent problem yesterday that I have
had on odd ocassions over the last eight months.

Basically, Zope 2.1.6 returns only half a page. By that I mean if I view
source, the HTML just stops at some point through the page. The point
depends on the actual time, it varies... clicking reload means you get
more or less of the page than last time.

All very odd... what makes it worse is that it happens intermittently
under certain cirumstances that I can't pin down.
Yesterday was on a page that performed a ZCatalog search and returned a
table of the results. It worked fine from here at NIP, but when I tried
at home over dialup I got the problem.

That said, I've had the same thing happen a few times in the past here
at NIP, mainly where pages were raising exceptions and the error wasn't
getting displayed, just some half-rendered HTML... all very confusing :S

Also, totally bizarely, one of our clients had problems on the same
page. Searching works fine here from NIP and at home over DSL for some
NIP employees. I was trying over dialup from home but had the problem I
already metnioned. However, whatever the client searched for, he got no
results. The page rendered fine but it was the paeg saying 'no results
could be found matching youur query'.

If anyone else has experienced anything liek either of these problems,
or has any idea as to what may be going on, I'd love to hear it :S



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