Title: RE[2]: [Zope] Product inheritance question (similar question)

>> from PA import A, ..... <whatever you need>

I am only using dtml and not writing directly python code !
So I do not believe this is possible.

>> Almost unbelievable.

But true.
But I will have again to do some test.
(I do not have the time right now, and I did most of my
test with the previous version of Zope)

What I will have to do:
- create a Package (Zope product).
- create a class in this package, and a method (my_method)
- create another package.
- create a class in this package that inherits the class of the other package.

- check that the method my_method is visible from within the second package.

Thierry Nabeth
Research Fellow
INSEAD CALT (the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies)

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NABETH Thierry writes:
 > And what happen if the Class A is in a package PA.
 > Clabb B is in a package PB.
 > How do you access the namespace of PA from PB ?
from PA import A, ..... <whatever you need>

class B(A): ....

 > When I have tried, the inherited methods from A where not visible
 > from B, and I and to recreate a copie of the method.
 > (which is ugly !!!).
Almost unbelievable.


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