On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Chris Withers wrote:

> > I checked out the latest CVS source, and noticed you called
> > self.catalog_object() like this:
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > When I went to look at the catalog entries after adding a new site within
> > a folder called myfolder, I noticed the new entries showed up as:
> > 
> > /newsquish/<id>
> > 
> > When I clicked on the link, I received an error saying it can't find the
> > object. I don't think a leading '/' should be supplied to
> > catalog_object(). I tried to update the catalog, which promptly removed
> > all the postings from the catalog. When I re-cataloged the postings, the
> > entries were now showing up as:
> > 
> > //myfolder/newsquish//<id>
> Sounds like Zope 2.1.6 to me....
> If you try it on Zope 2.2.0 it works fine, for me anyway :S

I'm running 2.2.0 (I swear!), with the latest Hotfix. I create a Squishdot
Site named groucho at the root. When I go to the Options tab and hit
re-catalog button, then go to the Cataloged Objects tab (which I had to
uncomment in the source to access), the catalog entries are listed as:

//groucho// ...and so on.

I also create another squishdot site under the folder /myfolder , called
harpo . When I go to the Cataloged Objects tab, the articles are listed

/harpo/ ...and so on.

This isn't right. So I go to the Options tab, hit the re-catalog button,
then go back to the Cataloged Objects tab, and they're now listed as:

//newfolder/harpo// ...whatever.

This hasn't happened to you? Is there anyone out there who can test this
out as well, with the Squishdot from CVS?

> > Also, the setItem() method in the Squishsite class (different from the
> > setItem() method in the Posting class) is the only place where using the
> > absolute_url() method doesn't work.
> It's cos the 2.2.0 implementation of absolute_url requiers a REQUEST,
> which it doesn't get in setItem(). This is fixed in 2.2.1 apparently...

Had I known that REQUEST requirement was a bug, I would've reported it
earlier. Which is the preferred method then, absolute_url() or
getPhysicalPath() ?

> > I've noticed in all the other methods
> > it's called from, it returns the proper result. The same actually goes for
> > the getPhysicalPath() method, all the double slashes aside. Notice in the
> > above examples, when the postings were initially loaded,
> > getPhysicalPath() returns only newsquish, whereas everywhere else, it
> > returns /myfolder/newsquish .
> haven't noticed this at all... what version of Zope are you using?

Zope 2.2.0, I swear!!


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