This is very bad for many reasons :(

> When I went to look at the catalog entries after adding a new site within
> a folder called myfolder, I noticed the new entries showed up as:
> /newsquish/<id>
> When I clicked on the link, I received an error saying it can't find the
> object. I don't think a leading '/' should be supplied to
> catalog_object(). 

You are quite correct, but the problem in this case was more serious.
getPhysicalPath(), AFAIK, is a recursive method that goes up the
acquisition tree. Unfortunately, in __init__, where the sample articles
are created, self isn't acquisition wrapped and so you:

a) don't get your leading '/' for free

b) don't get path info for further up the tree from the SquishSite
(hence the manage_catalogView page is broken)

This was the major thing to be fixed with some judicious use of a
'parent' argument to the __init__ method and a bit of
wrapped=self.__of__(parent) magic.

> I tried to update the catalog, which promptly removed
> all the postings from the catalog.

That I never experienced...

> When I re-cataloged the postings, the
> entries were now showing up as:
> //myfolder/newsquish//<id>

My second mistake :(

thread_path returns the thread path with a '/' prepended, so mine was
redundant. d'oh!

So there ya go, all fixed now though (allegedly) and checked into CVS.

Lance, thanks for all the testing, it's very much appreciated :-)



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