Hi all

If "I'm jean with role(s) manage.", then why does this code in 
'standard_wiki_footer' not offer to log me out?::

    <dtml-if "AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_permission('Change ZWiki Pages',
      <a href="<dtml-var id url_quote>/editform?cols=70&rows=20">Edit this
page</a> <br>
      <dtml-comment> ## njj: change (changes to login code for GUF) ##
      <dtml-if "AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_role('Anonymous', this())">
        <a href="acl_users/login?moveto=<dtml-var PATH_INFO>">Login</a> 
        <a href="acl_users/logout?moveto=<dtml-var PATH_INFO>">Logout</a> 
      <a href="acl_users/login?moveto=<dtml-var PATH_INFO>">Login</a> to

I mean, the Manager role *does* have the 'Change ZWiki Pages'
permission, and does *not* have the 'Anonymous' roles. 

What kind of a role is 'manage' anyway?? Roles in my Zope
are: 'Anonymous Manager Owner ZWikiApprover ZWikiManager' and 
'ZWikiUser', so where does 'manage' come from? It gets printed
by the following from 'DTML Method at /debugging_info', which
is referenced from 'standard_html_footer'::

  <dtml-if "AUTHENTICATED_USER.getRoles()">
    with role(s) <tt>
      <dtml-in "AUTHENTICATED_USER.getRoles()">
        <dtml-var sequence-item>
        <dtml-unless sequence-end> , </dtml-unless>

To try and answer my own question: '/wiki' access is governed by 
'/wiki/acl_users', (Generic User Folder), where 'jean' does *not* 
feature. Hmm, so 'DTML Method at /debugging_info' doesn't show 
the roles of 'jean' in the context of 'this()'? But surely this 
doesn't change the fact that 'jean' *does* have the 'Change ZWiki 
Pages' permission, and does *not* have the 'Anonymous' role. 

Enlightenment needed!

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