Jean Jordaan wrote:
> Hi all
> The answer to my previous question makes this one occur to
> me: if <dtml-var id> in a method refers to the containing
> document's id, does 'myMethod' get to see 'myVariable'?::
>   <dtml-let myVariable='Beep'>
>     <dtml-var myMethod>
>   </dtml-let>
> Testing .. yes, it does! Cool. So why does this::
>   <dtml-in "PARENTS[0].objectItems(['ccDocClass'])" size=10
>   start=qs sort=<dtml-var sort_key>>
> give::
>   Invalid attribute name, "sort_key", for tag <dtml-in
>   "PARENTS[0].objectItems (['ccDocClass'])" size=10 start=qs
>   sort=<dtml-var sort_key>, on line 18 of docsByTitle
> How do I get 'sort_key' in there?

First, you can't have dtml in dtml. Period.

Next, when you go to do a dtml-in (AIUI), the objects in the dtml-in are pushed to the 
front (top?) of the namespace.
sort_key would need to be a property/attribute of the ccDocClass for this to work, and 
you would just use sort=sort_key.

If sort_key is not a property of the ccDocClass objects, you have to do it some other 

IF sort_key is in the request space, you _MIGHT_ be able to do
sort=REQUEST['sort_key']. But I am not sure; it's just a guess.

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