Hello everyone!

My ISP where I have my web page, is running freeBSD 4.0. I do not know a lot
about it. I know how to use crontab to start ZOPE at certain time how ever
how do I use crontab to check on the script that is already running?
Starting ZOPE again when it's running produces an error message and I do not
know if that was a healthy solution.

to start it I would be using something like:

5       *       *       *       *       root    ./start

This would start the script every five minutes. Now how do I check if the
script is running after it's been started and if it wasn't to restart it
again. Also I was thinking to run ZOPE in DEBUG mode. That way it stays
attached to the terminal (crontab I guess).
I know about z2.pid. Nevertheless I find ZOPE down quite often every time
they do something at the ISP. I asked them what to do and they told me to
use crontab to check the script and restart it. For some reason they don't
want me to use rc.d
If I could guarantee to remove the z2.pid every time ZOPE goes down, I could
apparently include something like this:

if [ -x /home/virtuals/account/zope/z2.pid ]
        // exit(0)

5       *       *       *       *       root    ./start

to check if the file is present and if not to run the script. That can't be
done when ZOPE exits abnormally though.

Is this setup at all possible?


George Osvald

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