Marcin Kasperski wrote:
> After using succesfully zope for some time I decided to cut a bit the
> database size. So I went to Control Panel/Database and clicked "Pack"
> for objects older than 10 days. At first everything seemed to work (I
> returned to the management screen seeing new - smaller - Data.fs size),
> but when I tried to preview my pages, terrible things happened - most
> pages turned to be not available, instead of seeing them I saw zope
> errors with useless descriptions like 'Zope error: error' etc
> (restarting browser and zope did not helped).
> Happily, during the process, the Data.fs.old file was created - stopping
> Zope, removing all Data.fs.<sth> and overwritting Data.fs with
> Data.fs.old returned zope instance to the previous state. So I will not
> click 'Pack' anymore.
> Has anyone notified similar problems? What could be going on?

I looked into this and reproduced the problem you had with the data
file you sent to Brian. Thanks.

Sadly, the bug was a bug that was fixed in Zope 2.1, but which
didn't make it into the main CVS trunck and wasn't included in 2.2. 

The fix will be included in Zope 2.2.1.

The bug happens when you pack the database and there were some
undone transactions after the pack time and before some version
commits.  The fix for this has been reapplied to the 2.2 branch 
and the main trunk and I've verified that it fixes the problem you 


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