"R. David Murray" wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Chris Beaumont wrote:
> > Thank you, I've been successful in setting up basic SQL methods, data
> > input forms and query forms,
> > the problem Ive been having is in trying to break each table record (one
> > row in a table, say) out into a separate DTML document.. with fields in
> > the record forming the parts of the document..  (I'm making a web
> > heirarchy of events which each have to have their own page with various
> > kinds of constantly changing information about the event on them..
> > These pages have to live at relatively stable URLs.. (of course, it
> > doesnt matter if they are physical documents to a search engine..)
> [...]
> > What I want to build are lists *and their linked documents*  the
> > records' fields flowing into  the meta tags and body text of many
> > individual objects. When a record is deleted from the source SQL table,
> > I want to be able to have that deletion propagate to the child
> > document..
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, or maybe I'm misuderstanding
> ZSQL methods <grin>, because it does seem pretty straightforward to me.
> I haven't done what I'm about to describe, though, so I could be way
> off base.
> It seems to me that what you want to do is have a ZSQL method that
> takes an argument from the URL (they can do that), where the argument
> is the 'id' of the record.  Then your method uses that argument to
> retrieve *just* that row from your database.  Then you have your
> html template filled in using the column variables from that record.
> No need to have actual document objects sitting around, just the
> template.  If you delete a record the corresponding page is therefore
> gone.  And you get stable URLs, if the ids don't change:
> http://www.yoursite.com/yourmethod/recordid

Thats a really cool idea. if you combine that with a python brain you
can get customized display.

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