Hi Melissa,
Did you get to come down this weekend?  If you did, then that was one
short visit!  
It was a very short visit, as I ended up coming in Saturday afternoon and leaving early Sunday afternoon to go to a 5PM meeting.
Well, after tomorrow you may not recognize me.  (I may not
want to recognize me either!)  I am going tomorrow to Laura Hipps to get
my hair cut and possibly highlighted.  I have always wanted it short, so
here goes.  Even though I really want it, it is still scary.  (Be glad
that you are not a girl!)
So how do you like it?
Well, I was just wondering if you think you could handle riding the rides
with me at Carowinds?  
Sure.  :)
The only kinds of rides I don't ride are the ones
that hang you upside-down and leave you there for a little while.
Oh, I used to never ride those, but I'vc gotten to the point now where I'll ride just about any of them.  Admittedly, I'm still not the biggest of "stand-up" coasters...   The "vortex" (which is, I think, still the only one like that at Carowinds) actually looks pretty good, though.  :)
you going to meet us at the church or are you going to meet us at
I'm planning on coming down Friday evening and meeting y'all at the church.  Do you know what time they are planning on meeting?  The last that I had heard was 8 AM.


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