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> RH: Um, as you describe it, you mix up the name of the 
> property and its value 
> Try something like the following
> <dtml-unless "myPropName==SOMEREQ">
>     <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('myPropName', defaultvalue)">
> </dtml-unless>

> note that 1) this will only work if there is a myPropName and a defaultvalue
> variable in the namespace and 2) this won't change the value of the property

Well, i was not clear.

<dtml-unless SOMEREQ>
 <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('SOMEREQ','defaultvalue')">
the problem is SOMEREQ is *hard* coded in the DTML document.

I need to have EXACTLY the same behaviour (checking if 
SOMEREQ is in the REQUEST, and set it.

If i use a property (PropName) for putting the name of what i want 
to check (SOMEREQ in my case), only the REQUEST.set works.

the <dtml-unless is checking for PropName in the REQUESt and 
NOT *value* of PropName

So in your example, SOMEREQ is *still* hard coded. From what i 

> (but that might be a matter of desciption). 
Sorry, but as you already guess it, Zope is not my native language 
and English either ;-<
So thanks for trying to understand MY english ;->


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