You can see the screenshots here:


And you can read my email below,  I tryed several time to send this concrete
email to the fabulous internet.

> Hi Nanotechnologists around the world, (Toward a better liberty)
> Atomasoft NanoSoft O.S. screenshots are ready!
> Now you can see what the Atomasoft team did, Ed Minchau made some
> screenshots for all of you. Maybe we will be able to get some support:
> money, or PHDs, or just money would be great '-) we know where to invest
> this money.
> of course the screenshots are ugly and they don't look very advanced like
> those screenshots for example:
> Yasara:
> http://ajax.kfunigraz.ac.at/~kriegere/diashow2.jpg
> but it will lead to that kind of software. The only difference between
> Yasara and NanoSoft is that NanoSoft is new. Yasara is just another life
> science simulation software.
> NanoSoft is the O.S., the screenshots are showing "NanoSim" NanoSim is our
> module, our application, for the simulation part, NanoSoft O.S. will be a
> core kernel, using the powerful AI program from Ed, which is very very
> talented in AI and then make those simulation and design faster, and
> smarter. Ed wrote that program since 9 years and he will use it for
> NanoSoft, for build that nanotechnology, faster, and then help everbody
> Nanotech, getting to people a better liberty.
> We are programmers, not specialist in imaging, so that's why the
> are a little bit, not clean, we will fix that soon. But we move forward,
> we will change the world with that software. We got several good and new
> ideas, and nobody presently see them, so nobody wants to sponsor our
> research. I asked several government agency, DARPA, NSF, no one would like
> to sponsor the vision of Matter will become software. In 2020, nobody will
> run without NanoSoft O.S., because it will become the major platform where
> people design and simulate and chat, and trade and build on. We try to
> several philosophy together: supply chain software, AutoCad properties,
> CAD, MSI, E-Business suites, Napters, those are just keywords of course.
> you can get a good image of our vision.
> Unfortunately, people in general are lazy/selfish and they don't help,
> are lazy, they look at the floor, saying "Yes, I want to die, I don't want
> to build this nanotech".  A lot of people around me are blind, they think
> that we all need to die, even if in theory, with this nanotech, we could
> live a lot more longer. We need to learn them that yes, it's possible to
> become in a total liberty with Nanotechnology.
> The Atomasoft team is presently very very little, but I think that we are
> strong and that we will help this humanity from the mess of today, where
> everybody die. We could become immortal with NanoSoft. That's real, I can
> see it right now, without NanoSoft, people can't build the future
> So presently, the team is like in that shape:
> _______
> "It's a game that's misunderstood by people who don't play rugby," Parrado
> said in a phone call from his home in Montevideo, Uruguay. "They don't
> understand the team spirit, the sacrifice you make of yourself for another
> player so he can score. We survived from that spirit.
> ______
> Remember the film Alive? Stupid people saw it like an Action/Holywood
> but me, I saw the story like a Bible Story, where people believe in god,
> because it's the last thing to do, where people is getting hope. So our
> of programmers are like those 16 survivors and we need help, we are not
> we are 6 though ;-)
> Well if you want to help, just email me. Saying "I want to Help" and
> the team for real, it's very different.
> Personal and current information on the chairman and CEO of Atomasoft:
> (which are not very important, but some people would like so much to see
> those information)
> 1. I'm in school presently, I'm working on my chemistry, and I'm still
> stupid in chemistry.
> 2. I didnot succeed to enter to Caltech yet, but I'm still trying to
> I'll enter one day.
> 3. I'm making the first project for Atomasoft, with my friend Ted Strauss,
> that will bring to the NanoSoft team, some money (yeah, they need to eat
> sometime, hope you believe me). The project is called "MEMS Conference"
> so far you can read  at MEMSConference.com, I plan to take this money, and
> invest it into a booming MEMS Field, so that I could get more money for
> NanoSoft.
> If you don't want to get such email in your In-Box, then just left those
> mailing lists. They are there for that.
> Sorry for my english,
> Very truly yours,
> ========================
> Jonathan Desp
> Chairman and CEO, Atomasoft Inc.
> Matter will become software
> http://www.atomasoft.com/jonathan
> ========================
> "Ask not what your universe can do for you; ask what you can do for your
> universe."

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