Henk Schets wonders:

>    - how easy and reliably can I manage my virtual hosts (about 8 sites
right now) ? Very important.

The SiteAccess product contributed by Evan Simpson is a popular solution.


>    - how stable is Zope regarding to Apache on Linux ?

That's how "the Zope Folks" at Digital Creations run Zope, so I'd guess 
it's about a clean as can be. However, there is more than one approach. 

Probably the easiest is ZAP, which comes with a preconfigured Apache.


Start here:


Below is the tip of the iceberg from a search on "apache", at Zope.org






>    - we have a MySql database, is it easy to connect with Zope ?

Lot's of folks use MySQL with Zope, and there's a ready made "DA" 
(database adapter) just for this purpose.


>    - can I access the Zope internal database with e.g. ODBC ?

So far, no. New and interesting ways of storing Zope Objects are being 
developed though, so let's not count this one out.

    - can I use log analyzers to get some statistics about our site ?

Zope does do some logging, but I don't know much about that. 
Maybe someone could answer?

>    - any advice about migrating an existing site ?

One handy item that I have used is Jonathan Farr's LocalFS. This way 
you can keep serving static pages and images "directly" from a local 
file system, and frees you to decide when the time is right to turn 
all those icons into Zope Objects.


Also, leverage your MySQL for all its worth. The more stuff you can 
abstract into tables and treat as lists, the more you'll like Zope!

Jerry S.

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