> From: "Henk Schets" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 09:08:44 +0200
> Subject: [Zope] Advice for new zope installation
> - how easy and reliably can I manage my virtual hosts (about 8 sites
> right now) ? Very important.

Much easier than you can imagine. I have 5 sites (different domains) right
now running off of one installation and I can't tell you how much easier it
has made my life. I can 'manage' into the root of the installation and play
with all the sites. Any products I install can be used on all of them and
yet to the outside user they are all totally different. I am moving over 3
more so within a few months should be at 8.

> - how stable is Zope regarding to Apache on Linux ?

Very. Most of my Linux boxes stay up forever (150+ days and counting). Zope
is harder to tell since you have to restart it with some products. Out of
the 4 or 5 Zope instances I have running they all stay up as long as I don't
reboot them (usually 30-50 days). Plus, since you can configure Zope to
watch its own process you are doubly sure it will stay up. Apache is well,

> - we have a MySql database, is it easy to connect with Zope ?

Haven't done it but PostgreSQL is a bit tough on the install (a half day)
but very stable after that.

> - can I access the Zope internal database with e.g. ODBC ?

Nope. Not that kind of database. Think more flat file.

> - can I use log analyzers to get some statistics about our site ?

Oh yes. I find that Zope alone (no Apache) produces the best logs. it is CLF
so most log analyzers will get it. I use Analog and it is great.

> - any advice about migrating an existing site ?

There is a program call LoadSite (look on Zope.org) But that only gets you
half way there. I would suggest that you start from scratch but you will
soon see that since Zope is so good at content management and design it will
be much easier to move over lots of data and you will learn new and better
ways of displaying it.


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