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> Newsgroupies.
> I installed ZOPE on Win32, and noticed it came with a bunch of
> "Products"; each a kind of "soft driver" written in some language
> (typically Python) to drive the ZObject space & build Web pages.
> Then I tried to edit a py file and see the new output. I had to use
> this sequence to see my tiny change:
>     make the change
>     save the change
>     Stop the ZOPE service
>     Start the ZOPE service
>     Refresh the ZOPE Web page
>     Inspect the change.
> If I had a syntax error, ZOPE throws it away and I never get to read
> it.

#1. Start with -D option
#2. Use the PythonWin to run your changes through a tab nanny. (Side note:
edit.com messes up the tabs in the python code badly, use notepad if you
really have to), before restarting.
#3. Run from command line instead of a service
#4. just before where you changed the python code, insert
      import pdb
      Have a look through the python debugger docos if you're not familiar.
This way you can step through your code.
      Setting breakpoints? download the latest pdb.py/bdb.py from
sourceforge, otherwise setting breakpoints is hard.
#5. you might be able to reload modules if your changes are small.

> The inner question: How, in ZOPE land, do you ask it to refresh its
> concepts of all the Python files without stopping and restarting the
> service?
> The outer question: What does a healthy edit/debug cycle look
> like?

#1. Get as much of your code working without Zope first.
#2. Fix as much code as you can before restarting. With Zope, really you
lose a lot of the interactivity in debugging code the python way.

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I've copied this in to the Zope.org mailing list. See you there!

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