Henk Schets writes:
 > After reading all the info about zope, I am very impressed with the
 > possibilities it can deliver.  However, before I migrate our existing site,
 > I need to be certain about certain topics :
 >     - how easy and reliably can I manage my virtual hosts (about 8 sites
 > right now) ? Very important.
You probably will need a Zope product called SiteAccess.

With "SiteAccess" alone, virtual hosting would have been
a matter of about 1/2 an hour.

With Apache (ProxyPass) and SiteAccess, it was a matter of about
1 day. This should now be a matter of parts of an hour, too,
because a contributor wrote a HowTo, how to patch Apache
to let it propagate HOST information.

 >     - how stable is Zope regarding to Apache on Linux ?
Sometimes, images must be forced with a SHIFT-reload to
be shown correctly. I do not know of other problems.

 >     - we have a MySql database, is it easy to connect with Zope ?
Yes. Install MySQLDA. Then it is as easy to connect to it
as it is to connect to any other relational database:
add a connection object to a folder.

 >     - can I access the Zope internal database with e.g. ODBC ?

But you can access it via HTTP, FTP, Webdav, XML-RPC and
soon via XPath.

 >     - can I use log analyzers to get some statistics about our site ?
Zope's logfiles are compatible with (e.g.) logs written by Apache

 >     - any advice about migrating an existing site ?
Where do you come from?
What special features do you use/need?
What techniques do you use now? How many script do you have?


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