Tim Hicks writes:
 > I am trying to work my way up through folders, checking whether each
 > folder has a property named 'site_root_folder'.  Logically (in *my*
 > head anyway), what I have written below is what I want to do, but I'm
 > not sure that I'm really writing this the write way.  I vaguely
 > remember reading that I can't nest dtml-if tags within dtml-in tags.
There is no problem whatsoever to use "dtml-if" inside "dtml-in".

 > <dtml-let level=0>
 > <dtml-in level>
 > <dtml-if "PARENTS[level].hasProperty('site_root_folder')">
 > <dtml-var "PARENTS[level].absolute_url()">
 > <dtml-else level="level+1">
 > </dtml-in>
 > </dtml-let>
"dtml-in" works with sequences.

In your example, however, you give it an integer ("level").
It will not be happy with this.

You may try:

<dtml-in PARENTS>
  <dtml-let PARENT="_.getitem('sequence-item')">
    <dtml-if "PARENT.hasProperty....>


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