Am working on a simple content management system for about 6 sites, and so
far, so good.  It's my first medium-sized Zope project and Zope has been
wonderful to work with so far.

However, I've been tasked with the project of creating the simplest
possible interface for some very non-technical content managers.  So the
first thing I did was abstract out the content from some fairly complex
formatting.  This was easy, and now I have a site where all the content
that theae people need to touch always lives in an object called
page_content.  Objeects by this name now exist at many points in the site.

Aparently the fact that a number of other non-content objects are visible
at the same level of heirarchy in the site is a problem.  So my question
is this:

 Is there any way to make zope understand something like a UNIX symbolic
 link?  If so, I could easily create a single directory with a symlinks to
 all the appropriate objects in the site.  Content managers would then
 have access only to this dir and would therefor see all appropriate

 Or perhaps there is a way to make other objects invisable to those w/out
 the necessary permission to use them?  I've played with Zope permissions
 a but, and haven't yet found a way to do this.

 Or is the some other way entirely to look at this problem?

TIA for any help on this.


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