Ian Bicking wrote:
> I've been making some log analysis code on my site, and have realized
> that a lot of other analyzers aren't that great -- or, at least, that
> it's nice to have the control that editting the actual code can give.
> (for instance, I ignore all requests that come from my ISP, since I
> don't need to know what my surfing habits are; I ignore all pages
> that end in "manage.*"; etc.)
> Anyway, I've been thinking of polishing and expanding what I've
> written some, so it's suitable for public use (or at least use by
> people who know Zope/Python fairly well).  But this requires work that
> I probably wouldn't do for myself -- so I'm writing to see if there
> are enough people who have interest in this to make it worth it.  [Or
> if this already exists and I just haven't found it]
> Cheers,
>   Ian

Hi Ian,

zope's logs are in a pretty standard format so most of your loganalyzers
should handle them well and several of them can be customized to ignore
certain ips or urls.

i've been told that http://www.webalizer.org/ is pretty nice.

a zope web logs analyzer that makes images with PIL integrated into the
control panel, is on my list of things to do although its pretty low at
the moment.



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