I am not searching from a form in that sense...I am talking about at the python

I have self.searchResults({'description':'blah'})  where description is meta
data in the catalog and a textindex and 'blah' is in the Vocabulary.  This
previously worked in zope2.1.6.  Now in 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 it doesn't work.  The
only thing way I can get searchResults() to return a non empty list is to search
using a Field index and a valid string to match with.


> Terry Kerr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a python product which uses a ZCatalog and CatalogAware
> > products.  The catalog has a number of Field and TextIndex indexes.
> > Search the ZCatalog has worked fine when my product is instantiated in
> > 2.1.6.  But now when I instantiate my product in 2.2.0 or 2.2.1,
> > searching only works when I search using a field index.  Searching using
> > a textindex always results in an empty result, even tho I can see the
> > words I am searching for in the Vocabulary!  Any suggestions?  I have
> > tried reindexing, completey recreating the Zcatalog, recreating the
> > Vobulary and reindexing, and nothing has changed the behaviour.  Are
> > textindexes simply broken?
> >
> >
> > ZCatalog seems very volatile to me!  Every time I have upgraded way back
> > from zope2.1.3, something in zcatalog has changed and boken my product.
> > So far I have managed to find fixes, but this one has got me baffled!!
> >
> My experience has been that if field indexes are unspecified, the catalog
> will only match where those fields are empty.  In other words, by not
> specifing anything for the field indexes, you are actually specifying that
> for a match, they need to be empty.
> To get around this, I put another method between the form for entering what
> you wish to search for, and the method that actually searches the form.  This
> method looks at the field indexes, and if nothing has been specified, it
> doesn't pass them on to the method that does the actual search.
> An alternative to this, is to use names for the field indexes that aren't in
> the catalog index, and then at the start of the search method, check those
> names, and if they have a value associated with them, add to REQUEST what the
> names in the index are with the appropriate values.
> There may be a better way, I'm still pretty new to Zope and DTML sort of
> stuff.
> Peter Armstrong

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