i haven't had time to read through the links, although i will once i get
   some more of that mystical free time stuff, but i wanted to clarify
   about PTK workflows. most of the existing workflow structs in PTK were
   doc based with simple workflows, but there has been a concerted effort
   to refactor PTK into Singleton objects which give abilities to all
   objects vs. the old method of inheritance for abilities. In this
   scenario workflow objects can be plugged into the architecture. Another
   item that gives support for complex workflows is the
   event/subscriber/publisher system being developed right now. check out
   the later half of the PTK archives for August to get some more
   background. if you want to influence the project, now is the time, make
   your voice/needs heard.

One place to start would be to have a look at
openflow.sourceforge.net. This Zope based workflow system is based on
WFMC's reference model. It does not have everything you would want but it
is a good start. Once reason to be looking a WFMC is that such an
implementation would allow integration with existing workflow systems
such as Staffware's. SWAP and the newer WFMC XML wrapping would also
be worth considering as they would be like XML-RPC for workflow which
would enhance interoperability. There is a need to execute a workflow
box which would exec a app associated with the box on data -- this
data not being just one doc in a members PTK folder but a suite of
data for the step.

There is opportunity for a Zope based system to be the web publishing
side of existing workflow systems, like Staffware's. Staffware's white
paper on how they will do web-based workflow begged for a solution like

Staffware is one of the better workflow systems that includes the
ability to execute programs within workflow.

Certainly for usecase analysis one could look at existing packages
like Staffware.

For events, one might consider adopting some of the "webwise" event
system standards coming out. I have not followed these closely, but I
know they exist. One reason to do so is that this would enhance
interoperability with external packages that also adopt standards.

Albert Boulanger

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