Could you describe how often does the problem happen? How many session users 
goes to the site? You mentioned about a month of public usage. During that 
month, did you have one single incident? How many sessions happened during 
that month?

All key-based session management systems are intrinsically unsafe, since 
other people can tap into your session, with non-zero probability, if the 
key-length is finite. The only hope is to make the key long enough, so even 
if the hacker has a supercomputer, it would still take him/her the age of 
the universe to crack into your website. One thing I mentioned to Pavlos 
(and/or Anthony Baxter?) before is that the key lengths of their cookies are 
a bit too short. For my HappySession product (another session management 
product, which is RAM based), I cranked up the key length to 128 
alphanumeric char key, exactly because I wanted no key collision for a long 
long time. :)

Another thing I observed during the development of HappySession was that on 
Linux (and Debian) server systems, I had problem with deleting the cookies 
of the clients. (No problem with NT server.) At the end, I chose not to 
delete cookies but instead setting their values to blank, when the session 
expires. It was a weird problem, I did not know why I couldn't delete client 
cookies (maybe it was a mistake on my part), but I chose the simple way out 
by setting the cookie to blank. And it worked fine. So instead of detecting 
the presence of the cookie alone, I detected the presence AND whether the 
cookie was blank.


Hung Jung

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