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Simon Coles wrote:

> Python products could be endangered species because its managed in the file
> system, which isn't in the "all tiers as managed content" thing.

I guess this means that Python Methods and ZClasses will be the
preferred model?

The reason I wonder is because I am right now beginning development of a
new website. I had been planning on doing most of my development in
Python Products as I currently have no particular need of thru the web
development and I like Python. No particular aversion to ZClasses or
Python Methods just that I know Python products can do what I want and

I understand the the desire to move to a system where the all of the web
app resides within the Zope environment instead of parts on the file

What is the current status regarding incorporating Python Methods into
the Zope core?

Just looked at the Python Methods wiki at:

This is issue also affects the Problem paragraph of the Vision Statement
on this wiki, as this broadens the scope of users who choose to use PMs
or reasons thereof.

Also within the desires stated above (to remain with the Zope
environment, ZODB) will there be a means for those with "authority" to
authoritatively do stupid things with Python such as shoot yourself in
the foot? :)

Not that anyone desires to do something stupid, but sometimes the
ability to do harm also enables the ability to do good. That is an
aspect of freedom. Some things require interaction outside of the Zope
environment. What will be the official Zope way of handling these types
of things?

Back again from the Python Methods wiki. :)

A question/suggestion as a part of the Python Methods proposal was to
move External Methods to become a part of Python Methods. This is on the
Current Issues pages.

I added a comment to the wiki. Basically, in light of Paul's comments
and my above desires for necessary expressiveness depending on the
authority of the user and the situation, I think putting External
Methods into the Python Methods part of Zope core would be good. It
would allow for EMs to be in the ZODB instead of on the file system.

As I've thought about these issues and with knowing that I want to use
ZEO I think the above would be of benefit in developing my site. The
less I involve the file system the easier it should be to distribute my
web app logic throughout the ZEO system. I think I'm talking myself into
it. :)

For me this is a change in direction for Zope development thought.

Any suggestions, thoughts or comments appreciated.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Jimmie Houchin

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