Hi, I'm new to Zope. I'm just flailing around in all the docs and examples at the moment. I'm setting up a small intranet for our office.
I've been reading about ZClasses (havent done any SQL). Are these a very efficient way of storing data? Are these more/less efficient than setting up a database and managing it using ZSQL?
I read that any changes to a class instance is stored in the Zope database. Is there a way of turning this feature off to avoid the undo facility? ie. if you dont want undo.
I'm trying to set up a simple chat room as a teaching exercise. I'm thing I should implement a ZClass which is the room, containg a ZClass which will be a chat item. I've noticed an example, ZRTChat but everything there is implemented in Python (yuck!). It's much nicer to use the interface to create your classes. What are the pros and cons of the 2 approaches. Why implement it all in Python?

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