Hi, I have a Folderish class (FClass) and I am trying to write it so that
when an FClass object is added in ZOPE, it will automatically create a
ZCatalog object inside itself. I attempted to do this in the manner I had
successfully done this before with other object types:

    # handle represents the new object to be added with self,_setObject(id,
    handle.manage_addZCatalog('CatName', 'CatTitle, None)

But this doesn't work. I then did some testing with DTML using the following
method inside a Folder:

<dtml-call " manage_addFolder('FolderName') ">
<dtml-call " manage_addImage('ImageName', '') ">
<dtml-call " manage_addZCatalog('CatName', 'CatTitle', _.None) ">

The new Folder and new Image were both added with no problems. This was what
I expected since the "manage_addFolder" and "manage_addZCatalog" methods are
inherited from OFS.Folder.Folder. The method "manage_addZCatalog" however,
doesn't seem to have been inherited for some reason.

I can add a ZCatalog using the "Add" List, but not programmatically for some
reason, as I can with Folder and Image (and probably most other object
types). Anyone have the faintest clue why this might be?


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