Hi Jean-Francios,

You need to give Zieve a list of objects that have the attributes that
you want to sort on defined. You can ether build a list of 'real
results' from the ZCatalog that can then be passed to your Zieve, or
you can just make sure the ZCatalog's 'meta_data_table' has all the
attributes you might want to sort on. I haven't been following all the
changes, but I think that the newer '<dtml-in .. >' may now support
dynamic sorting... I'm sure I saw some patches about this... I don't
know off hand if they've been incorporated into Zope-2.2.1, but I'll


>>>>> "Menard" == Menard Jean-Francois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Menard> I'm trying to use the Zieve product with my Catalog to
    Menard> sort the results on a variable key.  Since the Catalog do
    Menard> not return the actual objects, how can I use Zieve with
    Menard> it?

    Menard>     Maybe an external method returning the object list?
    Menard> If so, how shold I do that?

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