Kevin Smith writes:
 > I am interested in showing the vocabulary words indexed for the page being viewed, 
 >to be used as meta keyword data.
 > Is this possible?
Zope does not manage vocabulary words on a page basis.
Therefore, you cannot simply ask: "give me the words for this given

With some effort, you can emulate ZCatalogs word splitting:

  given an object, "o", and an attribute, "a", to be indexed,
  ZCatalog first determines "o"s "a" value:

        val= getattr(o,a)
        if callable(val): val= val()

  The resulting string is then fed to a C implemented module
  called "Splitter" which splits the text into a sequence
  of words.

  It is this sequence, you are interested in.

You will probably need to write an external method.
You will find the relevant code in "SearchIndex.UnTextIndex".


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